Our story

What’s Zip? Is it something remarkable?

No, it’s almost something that we in Sweden would call ordinarily. Everyone already knows about it, but at the same time it’s a brand new thing. It’s the content of Zip that makes the coffee a new experience. It is filled with oats, soy, coconut, and even almond. Then I know that the one who workout and wants to be go go with extra coffee, takes the Zip and BAM! The Swedes love their coffee and tea creamy but everyone wants it with their unique drink. There is no vegan milk and a regular. No, there is a lot of good drinks to have in your coffee. It’s like a whole buffet, and when you take down the Zip from your pantry, your guests will open their mouth and just -Aaaahh …

Our products


The nostalgic triangle’s milk pack is back and gets a new place in our hearts as it meets new expectations by offering a herbal assortment that enhances and in many cases flavors you coffee or tea. Which Zip do you choose?


Our soy milk is made in Karlshamn by soybeans from Canada, known for their outstanding quality. We grind these carefully chosen beans ourselves, to preserve the soft feeling that brings harmony to your coffee or tea.


Our Swedish milk comes from the unique and small dairy EMÅN, in Småland, Hultsfred. We believe that there still are some of you who prefer your hot beverage with some Swedish milk in it.


Our almond drink originates in Holland, with its special focus on the rounded flavor. The creamy savor of almond makes the perfect complement to add softness to your hot beverage.


Our coconut milk drink originates in Holland where it is made with a focus on preserving its sweet and natural coconut flavor. The round and fine taste of coconut is a great way to add a new interesting feel to your hot beverage, filled with harmony that only comes with the natural coconut flavor.


Our oat milk is the template of our own Swedish oat kernels in Karlshamn. The creamy oat milk goes perfectly along with your coffee or tea, a taste that makes it easy to choose as a flavor enhancer time after time.



An increasing number of people choose a plantbased diet as a sustainable and long-term way of life, from the health aspect and as a natural part of development when a broader range is emerging. Swedish ZIP is part of the vegan trend that has establishing itself and doing just as well on the airplane, in the conference environment as in your home.


We just LOVE them social medias

Though we only use two, but just the best. Because you know Zip. They just want the very best of all. So they chose everyone’s favorites, Facebook and Instagram. But in the future, maybe Zip will have all of them. Such as Youtube, Snapchat, maybe Twitch even? Haha, imagine if they would start a whole new game with a super hero that drinks Zip to get all her super powers! Well, we do not know, but it would be very exciting. I love to think about the future. But even without our Ziperheroes, you will find lots of exciting updates on our social media channels, and when we do something new – you’ll see it there.

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