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Coconut drink

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Our coconut milk drink originates in Holland where it is made with a focus on preserving its sweet and natural coconut flavor. The round and fine taste of coconut is a great way to add a new interesting feel to your hot beverage, filled with harmony that only comes with the natural coconut flavor.

We are aware that disposable packaging has a relatively high environmental impact per liter of product. On the other hand, the packaging itself accounts for only about 5-10% if compared to the product’s environmental impact, especially for products of animal origin. Our aseptic treatment on the batch pack allows for a reduced food cycle, as it extends durability and enables storage of the product at room temperature. 
Jigger in Skåne AB strives to serve a sustainable environment the best way in providing safe food.

Jigger in Skåne AB will ensure the forefront of a good environment.

  1. Resource Management and Circuit Breakdown
  2. Minimize emissions of climate-affecting and desiccant substances
  3. Compliance with regulations and binding requirements
  4. All employees / contractors’ responsibility regarding Jiggers in Skåne AB’s environmental policy is clear
  5. Environmental work shall be done systematically
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